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Thanks for visiting my website! I look forward to performing at your school, library, town, or other family event! Remember, I have affordable options for any budget with a solo, duo, or trio!

Here's what they are saying...

"The best assembly we ever had!"

Milton Elementary, Marlboro, NY

"Delightful & entertaining!"

Parents Guide Magazine

"These guys are just GREAT! Perfect for any elementary school program where character education is important! Keep up the good work guys!"Jim Jones, Radburn Elementary, Fair Lawn, NJ

"The Uncle Brothers presentation was incredible!"Donald Jesse, Ass't Principal, Conowingo Elementary, Conowingo, MD

We will recommend you to all the schools here in Cecil County!Mike Pearce, Bainbridge Elementary, Port Deposit, MD

"Thank you for the terrific performance you gave our students!" Charlene Pepe, Principal, Sapphire Elementary, Monroe, NY

" You have an amazingly strong connection to children. Your original songs were energetic, clever, and fun. You were able to get each child engaged and singing along."

Mariane Tully, principal, Tappan Zee Elementary, Piermont, NY

"It was a delightful afternoon for the entire family! The music was varied so that the different age groups were all included. The audience joined in the singing and I heard only positive comments!. Thank you and come again!" Sr. Marie Murphy, St. Catherine's School, Blauvelt, NY

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The Amazing Homework Helper System 

I used to love doing homework with my children. Yesiree, it was awesome.  I felt at the top of my game.  They would bring out the books and I’d be there at the kitchen table helping them get past their math and vocabulary. They were so amazed at how smart I was and how quickly I could help. It was great for my confidence and self-esteem because I wasn’t sure I would remember anything from when I was in school.

Yep, there’s nothing like being the know-it-all answer man coming to rescue and helping with…

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Kids and Smoking: Two words that should never go together 

Kids and Smoking: Two words that should never go together

I love sharing things that actually matter. In 1970 I lost my mother to cancer caused from smoking. When I became a musician and started writing songs for kids I wrote ‘I Will Never Smoke”, which was my way of reaching kids with that important message.  Maybe it was a lemonade from lemons thing, I don’t know. Maybe it was just life experience therapy. No matter.

Here’s a brilliant anti-smoking ad I came across today, maybe the most watched in…

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Sugar and Kids: Time For A Closer Look 

Does Sugar Hurt Our Sweet Children (and us)?

I know I am setting myself up for some backlash here but I don’t care.  As I’ll say over and over again on this blog, our kids are the focus here and if I offend some adults, well, too bad.

You should know that I’m not an extreme health nut or extreme in anything I teach my kids. I’m a true believer in moderation. You can have your desserts, just not every night. You can enjoy junky food… once in a while. What we do most of the time, I believe, will determine…

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Are We Smarter Than Our Fifth Grader? 

Wait…are we smarter than our first grader?

A good friend once told me they decided to have a children so they could help him set up his computer. That’s not far from the truth.

The world has definitely changed and, as an optimist, I believe overwhelmingly for the better, but is sure has laid the groundwork for some pretty cocky kids!

At 7 years old my son and I were playing some video game where they are snowboarding down a mountain collecting coins, and powers, and all sorts of wacky stuff; some by…

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The ‘Ages’ of Parenting 

The Ages of Parenting: A Wonderful Life Sucking Experience!

Recognize the people on the park bench feeding pigeons?

I use to think they were the poor forgotten souls, but as my own kids grow older I realize now that they are simply parents whose kids have grown up and left them a shell of the person they once were. Yes, those poor souls are the future me (and maybe you).

I compare parenting to the history of the world. We had The Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. Parenting has the Diaper age, The

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Kindness and Sportsmanship: All Children (people?) Should Know This Story 

As parents we all want our kids to be kind people; to grow up sharing and teaching others to do the same. We know this will travel through to their kids, grand kids, etc. That’s one way of finding peace in our own lives, to know we affected people simply by setting a good example and being a positive role model. Sometimes, however, we get help from heartwarming stories of kindness that can reach our children and maybe reinforce what we are trying to teach them on a daily basis.

Let me encourage you…

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'Secret' Cyber Bullying Tool 

Cyber-bullying Just Got Help From Technology

I promised myself I wouldn’t get too preachy on this blog. Who am I, anyway? I don’t pretend to be an expert but I am, just like you, navigating my way through and discovering some amazing things. Those I want to share.

Sometimes, however, I find some not-so-amazing things. This morning I read about the Secret App. No, it has nothing to do with The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, which I love, by the way.  I’m talking about a new smart phone app that allows people to…

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