The Amazing Homework Helper System

I used to love doing homework with my children. Yesiree, it was awesome.  I felt at the top of my game.  They would bring out the books and I’d be there at the kitchen table helping them get past their…

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Are We Smarter Than Our Fifth Grader?

Wait…are we smarter than our first grader?

A good friend once told me they decided to have a children so they could help him set up his computer. That’s not far from the truth.

The world has definitely changed and…

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The ‘Ages’ of Parenting

The Ages of Parenting: A Wonderful Life Sucking Experience!

Recognize the people on the park bench feeding pigeons?

I use to think they were the poor forgotten souls, but as my own kids grow older I realize now that they…

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'Secret' Cyber Bullying Tool

Cyber-bullying Just Got Help From Technology

I promised myself I wouldn’t get too preachy on this blog. Who am I, anyway? I don’t pretend to be an expert but I am, just like you, navigating my way through and discovering…

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